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Add-Ons exclusively for the NinjaTrader Platform

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Signature Gann Fan Intraday

A flagship best. Easy to speculate that WD Gann himself might well have created this very tool had he existed in the computer age.

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Signature Gann Fan Daily Weekly

This next-gen Gann Fan is a game-changer. Highly customised features to take your Gann charting applications to new places.

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Signature Gann Fan Speed Keys

When speed around the chart matters most. Enjoy on-chart and one click convenience for mouse thirsty property changes.

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Trendline & Gradient Templater

This cleverly conceived line draw tool will harmonise your intraday, multi time frame analysis with no-guess precision.

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Fibonacci Fan

Attention Fibonacci-o-philes – The Fan has LANDED. A must for every Fibonacci Toolbox and ready for your NinjaTrader 8.

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Fibonacci Angle Fan

A Fibonacci Fan with a difference. Track Fibonacci gradients in your charting with ease and speed according to the Golden Ratio of 1.618.

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Welcome to my Signature Series of

Add-Ons exclusively for the NinjaTrader Platform

Developed and honed over a period of 8 years, this cachet of Custom Tools are the mainstay of my everyday analysis as an Intraday FX and Equities trader – something I have been devoted to for the last 15 years. I am delighted to be sharing these Tools with other NinjaTraders for the first time.

The design blueprint of my Signature Series is two fold – First, to give greater speed and convenience around the charts. Second, to offer smart, next-gen applications for traditional, geometric charting methods – the bedrock of Gann, Fibonacci and other geometrically-significant methods.

For those new to Gann and Fibonacci approaches – WD Gann is often touted as the most successful and famous trader of all time. His pioneering geometric techniques are still widely studied today, almost 70 years after his death. And according to Wikipedia, Leonardo Fibonacci is considered to be “the most talented mathematician of the Middle Ages” after founding the discovery of the Golden Ratio – a special ratio that can be used to describe the recurring proportions in nature.

I like to speculate if either of these two mathematical geniuses lived in this computer age, they’d inevitably have developed applications similar to what you’ll find with this specially crafted series of Tools which are designed to negotiate modern market and fast intraday conditions.

I hope you enjoy what my Signature Series has to offer and the user information you’ll find on my site to help with your trading.

Samantha G

Please be sure to familiarise yourself with the Disclaimer Terms and Conditions of using the information on this site.

Fibonacci Angle Fan for NinjaTrader 8


  • “The very first time I applied Sam’s instant fib fan tool (the one that automatically/magically draws the correct fan lines with one click) it gave me a clear 61.8 target in the ES for a 7-point trade that took just 30 minutes to complete. I couldn’t be happier. (By the way, I do preference the 61.8 lines. That’s my secret sauce.) It more than paid for the purchase on the first trade.”
    Kenneth Reid, Ph D, Day Trading Psychology, Chicago USA
  • 5
    Innovative Gann Plug-Ins. Has helped to give me greater speed around the charts and simplify multitime frame analysis.
    Rebecca Chaise
    Equities Trader 7 years
  • 5
    I've been waiting for the Fibonacci Fan to arrive. And it's here!
    Peter Dempsey
    FX Trader Australia
  • 5
    I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, fantastic plugin to help me with my trading. Great work Closeview.
    Grant Booth
    Kaos Trading

A word about NinjaTrader

My Signature Series of Add-Ons are designed to work exclusively with the NinjaTrader platform. I am a ten year user of the NinjaTrader platform and it’s my first choice for so many reasons.

The stability of the platform is a reassuring constant. The Support Desk is attentive and meticulous. My experience has been that it’s staffed by people who really care about helping you if you run into a difficulty – no matter what your level of computer literacy. All crucial components to a trading journey.

Best of all, the Platform is FREE to get started.

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